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Adjustable Clothes Folding Board

AED 45

No more wrinkles to your ironed clothes Folds clothes in seconds Handy to use Easy to transport wher..

Door And Window Twin Draft Guard

AED 40

Leave your high heating and cooling costs out in the cold with this Twin Draft Guard! Forget jamming..

Electronic Luggage Scale

AED 55

Eliminate overweight baggage frustrations. Simply attach scales to your luggage handle, lift it, and..

Fabric Cloth Laundry Storage Basket

AED 85

Multipurpose storage with wheel, Oxford cloth material for easy cleaning, Folding flat when not in u..

Go Duster

AED 55

A box of 3 brushes the dust of different sizes and a large central and small sprayDuster is an amazi..

Handy Sewing Machine

AED 40

Cordless Handheld Sewing Machine has the precision of a small machine, yet the power of larger, more..

Mini Portable Electric Battery Operated Sewing Machine

AED 65

Mini Portable Sewing Machine is easy to use battery operated sewing machine. Its so compact that you..

Over The Door Shoes Organizer

AED 50

Store shoes neatly & spaciously with easy visibility with the Over the Door Shoes Organizer. It has ..

Paint Zoom Sprayer

AED 95

New Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer The Paint Zoom Difference!With your Paint Zoom™ paint sprayer, all you ..

Personal 150 Lb Aluminum Folding Hand Truck

AED 195

Compact foldable hand truck made of sturdy rustproof aluminumIdeal for trade show exhibitors, freque..

Portable Double Speed Sewing Machine

AED 125

Portable double speed sewing machine is light weighted portable. Easy operation lets you give a good..

Shoe Under Organizer

AED 40

Shoes Under is the revolutionary new way to store and protect up to 12 pairs of shoes. Shoes Under h..

The Amazing Expanding Hose - Blue

AED 60

The amazing expanding hose! Expands to 50 feet hose! no more kinks automatically expands makes water..

Triple Paper Dispenser

AED 45

Pull. Press. Wrap! Wrap Food in a Flash!Insert any roll with the spring loaded capsNon-slip rubber f..

Vertical Extension Socket

AED 85

12-Way Multifunction Vertical Extension Socket 12 outlets vertical socket Multiple use for different..

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